Close Outs under the ISDA®: a Lehman Brothers Case Study

Audience: This course is useful for people in legal, credit and risk; collateral and compliance; and possibly the front and middle office staff.


  • An overview of what caused the financial crisis: the sub-prime mortgage market and the securitisation food chain 

  • An in-depth look at what one should do if there is an event of default under an ISDA®

  • The impact of defaults on equity derivatives transactions and credit default swaps

  • Key court rulings on Lehman’s cases will be discussed and how the court interpreted the ISDA®, and what lessons were learnt: How the Conditions precedent clause was interpreted; the enforceability of cross affiliate set-off and mutuality requirements for set-off


Outcomes: This course will provide delegates with an in-depth knowledge of what steps to take when closing out transactions under an ISDA®. The Lehman collapse will be analysed in terms of what triggered it and how derivatives played a part in the collapse. Various court cases will be discussed to give the delegates a good understanding of how courts interpret various key clauses in the ISDA® agreement. This is important in understanding the various precedents, which courts set as a result of litigating on the ISDA®


Duration: 4 hours 

Cost: R6 000 pp (excl. VAT)



Online or In-person

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For a minimum of 5 delegates

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