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ISDA® is a registered trade mark of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.
This programme is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.

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The ISDA® Agreement for Credit Personnel

Audience: This course is tailor-made for credit personnel.

  • What is an ISDA®, what products does it cover, the key benefits that an ISDA® provides for
  • Different types of derivatives: OTC, exchange traded and cleared
  • The role of derivatives in hedging risk

  • Key differences between the 1992 ISDA® and the 2002 ISDA®

  • The structure of the ISDA® and the netting benefits (settlement netting, close-out netting and set-off)

  • A deep dive into the credit-related clauses in the ISDA® Schedule 

  • How to set relevant credit provisions in the ISDA® Schedule, using practical examples

  • The main Events of Default and how they trigger

  • Additional Termination Events: how to address credit risk through Termination Events

  • The process to follow after an Event of Default has been triggered

  • How the Agency structure works from a credit point of view

  • Includes a practical workshop which gives delegates the opportunity to work through an example of an ISDA® Schedule and the types of credit clauses that should be considered.

Outcomes: Delegates will gain a solid, in-depth knowledge of the credit terms in an ISDA® Agreement. They will have a firm understanding of how to assess and set credit-related clauses in the ISDA®.


Duration: 6 hours (9am – 3pm)


Cost: R6 800 per person (excluding VAT)