OTC Commodity Derivatives from a Legal and Operational Perspective


Audience: This course is relevant for legal teams, credit teams involved in setting terms for commodity hedging transactions, confirmations teams who are involved in working with the confirmations for commodity transactions and the business responsible for structuring commodity hedging and/or investment transactions.


This course gives high-level detail of the following topics:


Energy, base metals, precious metals and agris – the products used for hedging (cash settled and physically settled) and the products aimed at investors. Obtain a better understanding of the commodity complex generally, the risks faced by consumers and producers of commodities, and how they manage such risks using derivatives. Also, we look at how investors obtain exposure to commodities using derivatives.


A closer look at: a commodity swap, option, cap, collar and floor; including a walk through each relevant ISDA® confirmation.


Outcomes: Delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of the OTC derivative commodities products and the legal documentation used with commodities transactions.


Duration: 8 hours (9am – 5pm)


Cost: R8 000 per person (excluding VAT)

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