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Keeping an Eye on the Impending Margin Requirements for OTC Derivatives

Finally some clarity ... see what Kelle Gagné from Edward Nathan Sonnenberg has to say by clicking on this link above.

Whilst the South African market continues to wait for the margin rules for uncleared otc derivatives to be finalised and published by the regulator, it is not too soon to start thinking about how to bring your collateral agreements up to date and in line with regulatory requirements.

ISDA published the variation margin-compliant CSA (2016 VM CSA) and it is anticipated that this document will be used in the South African market to ensure compliance with the margin rules. The 2016 VM CSA contains several new and amended provisions, and it is important that legal advisors who will be negotiating these agreements are aware of the negotiation points and nuances of the new agreement.

DeriviDoc is delighted to offer to the market a brand new training course which will give attendees a step-by-step guide through all the elective terms and negotiated points in the schedule to the 2016 VM CSA.

Join us for our very first offering of this course on 08 March (Johannesburg) and 11 May (Cape Town) as follows:

Negotiating the New 2016 Variation Master CSA - 08 March 2018 in Johannesburg

Negotiating the New 2016 Variation Master CSA - 11 May 2018 in Cape Town

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