• Melissa van der Merwe (Director)

It's all systems go on the FMA!

The Financial Markets Act has finally been implemented as of 09 February 2018 (almost four years after it was published). This means the clock has started to tick for compliance on various provisions under the Act ...

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr’s article clearly sets out the requirements that market participants should be aware of in order to comply. Read it here.

DeriviDoc offers training on various elements provided for in the Financial Markets Act. Register here if you would like to ensure that you are fully informed on the implications of this regulation:

The Financial Markets Act

10 May in Johannesburg

28 June in Cape Town

An Introduction to Central Clearing

19 March in Johannesburg

13 June in Cape Town

The Legal Agreements Required for Clearing

20 March in Johannesburg

14 June in Cape Town

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