The ISDA® Agreement

Audience: This course is well suited to in-house legal advisers; business, credit and collateral personnel.


  • What an ISDA® is, what products it covers, the key benefits that an ISDA® provides for

  • Different types of derivatives: OTC, exchange traded and cleared

  • The role of derivatives in hedging risk

  • Key differences between the 1992 ISDA® and the 2002 ISDA®

  • The structure of the ISDA® and the netting benefits (settlement netting, close-out netting and set-off)

  • A clause-by-clause analysis of the ISDA® Schedule and the credit and legal terms, elective provisions and the defined terms

  • How to effectively negotiate the ISDA® Schedule, pointing out the effect of certain negotiated provisions using practical examples

  • The main Events of Default and how they trigger

  • Additional Termination Events: how to address credit risk through Termination Events

  • The process to follow after an Event of Default has been triggered

  • The Agency provisions and the regulatory provisions (FATCA, EMIR)

  • Includes a practical workshop which gives delegates an opportunity to work through an example of an ISDA® Schedule and the types of clauses that are negotiated

Outcomes: Delegates will gain a very solid, in-depth knowledge of the legal and credit terms in an ISDA® Agreement. They will have a firm understanding of the types of negotiated clauses that are seen in an ISDA® Schedule, and will also be aware of the types of additional clauses that one can include in an ISDA® Schedule to address various credit concerns.


Duration: 8 hours 


Cost: R9 000 pp (excl. VAT)

Delegates are required to bring a copy of the 2002 ISDA® Master Agreement.



Live & Interactive

28 Feb, 1-3 March | 10-13 Oct 2022

Modern Work Space


For a minimum of 5 delegates

Contact us to arrange (online too)



Da Vinci (Jhb) | Cellars-Hohenort (CT)

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This training is a must-attend for any legal and credit teams interacting with the ISDAs. It’s a deep-dive on clauses and context. I recommend it.  

Gloria Matovu Kawooya, Manager, Legal CIB, Stanbic Bank Uganda

This course was incredibly insightful and well presented. 

I was able to learn things about the ISDA that months of negotiation in practice had not raised.  

Shaegan Pillay, Legal Counsel at MMI

Very well informed and worthwhile training session for investment professionals.  

Wikus Furstenberg, Portfolio Manager, Futuregrowth Asset Management