DeriviDoc specialises in the legal and regulatory aspects of the over-the-counter derivatives industry. We can assist your firm by providing training and consultation on financial master agreements and regulatory regimes which govern the OTC Derivatives space.

Our areas of expertise: DeriviDoc is able to provide clients with detailed, up-to-date knowledge on the ISDA® Master Agreement, the Global Master Repurchase Agreement and the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement, as well as the regulatory regimes of Dodd Frank, EMIR and the Financial Markets Act.


Through attending our courses, or by outsourcing negotiations to DeriviDoc, clients can effectively negotiate these agreements to ensure optimum legal and credit protection.

What we believe: DeriviDoc is committed to providing a friendly but professional service. Whether our clients have a one-off query on a particular clause in a financial master agreement, or are seeking an in-depth learning experience, we aim to provide them with the knowledge they require to effectively and efficiently execute their master agreements. We offer prompt turnaround times, without compromising on the quality of our work. 



"I have attended a course by Melissa van der Merwe from Derividoc and was highly impressed with the relevant content of the course, the practical examples and her teaching skills. Subsequently, we (Sanlam) have also made use of her consultancy services to provide advice on complicated OTC derivatives and ISDA® documentation, and her services were super-efficient with a very quick turnaround time. I would recommend Derividoc’s courses and services to persons of all experience and qualification levels."


Aldene de Vos - Senior Legal Advisor, Sanlam Investments Cluster