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DeriviDoc can provide advisory and negotiation services in the following areas:
  • ISDA® Master Agreements
  • Credit Support Annexes (English law and New York law)
  1. The Variation Margin CSA (English law and New York law)
  2. The Initial Margin Credit Support Document/Annex and supporting documentation (custodian agreements, account control agreements and security documents)
  • Central Clearing documentation (FIA/ISDA CDEA Agreements)
  • Global Master Repurchase Agreements
  • Global Master Securities Lending Agreements
  • French Master Agreements (Fédération Bancaire Français)
  • International derivatives and financial markets regulation (Dodd Frank, European Monetary Investment Regulations and Financial Markets Act)

MTN has been utilising the services of DeriviDoc since 2007.

We highly recommend DeriviDoc to all corporates and banks.  

Margaret Schwulst, Group Treasury Manager, MTN

"I have been in banking for 11 years and Global Markets (Legal) for 7 years, and Melissa Van Der Merwe is the only independent legal contractor that I will consider for my specialized world of international master agreements, such as ISDA®, GMRA and GMSLA.

I started working with Melissa when I joined Standard Bank and we are still using her expertise, which is very difficult to find, especially within South Africa. I can recommend Derividoc, and more specifically Melissa Van Der Merwe, to anyone in need of specialized advice in ISDA®s, GMRAs, GMSLAs and related documentation."

          Igna Ferreira, the Standard Bank of South Africa